2009.Q2 Released

Today we’ve released the first major software update for the 7000 series, called 2009.Q2. This update contains a boatload of bugfixes and new features, including support for HTTPS (HTTP with SSL using self-signed certificates). This makes HTTP user support more tenable in less secure environments because credentials don’t have to be transmitted in the clear.

Another updated feature that’s important for RAS is enhanced support bundles. Support bundles are tarballs containing core files, log files, and other debugging output generated by the appliance that can be sent directly to support personnel. In this release, support bundles collect more useful data about failed services and (critically) can be created even when the appliance’s core services have failed or network connectivity has been lost. You can also monitor support bundle progress on the Maintenance -> System screen, and bundles can be downloaded directly from the browser for environments where the appliance cannot connect directly to Sun Support. All of these improvements help us to track down problems remotely, relying as little as possible on the functioning system or the administrator’s savvy.

See the Fishworks blog for more details on this release. Enjoy!